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Séance individuelle

The unique process we call Inquiry, through which each individual’s consciousness grows and matures, is the core of this path.

Session individuelle

Each person’s inquiry is different and is fundamentally a response of her deepest nature to the life she is living. The crucible supporting this process is the relationship between student and teacher. Through regular meetings—which might be every week, every other week, or once a month—the teacher guides the student’s inquiry into deeper meanings of what is arising in her-his life.

The inquiry process is not therapy, though it often includes psychological issues and insights that arise out of the student’s daily life. Inquiry does not aim to solve problems per se or to reach an end result but rather to explore the student’s experience to discover the deeper nature of his consciousness and its significance for his life.

The teacher holds an open space, not taking a position about the direction or value of the student’s experience, while also able to ask penetrating questions inviting deeper awareness and understanding. The student becomes more grounded in her truth, whatever it is, and learns to trust the wisdom of her own process as she opens to a larger reality. The practice of inquiry naturally leads to discovery of the true nature of our consciousness and to living our true being. Inquiry is not easy, as it exposes and challenges many familiar and central beliefs and attitudes structuring and defining our ordinary reality.

Over time, inquiry will question each historical and familiar identification that prevents us from realizing our true spiritual potential. It is not a path for everyone at all times. If you are interested, we will support you in discovering if this is a good path for you. We ask you to fill out an application that provides us with information to guide our consideration of your involvement. If you proceed, you will have several sessions with a teacher to determine if it is a good match before committing to ongoing work together. You are always welcome to stop at any time, at which point we encourage taking several sessions to complete your process together.

If you want to get involved and are not ready to join an ongoing group, you are invited to explore one-on-one work with a Ridhwan teacher. Ideally you would meet in person for an hour-long session every other week. The teacher will support your personal inner journey through our central practice of inquiry, supported by the teaching’s utilization of breath work and meditation practices. If you do not live close to a teacher, it is possible to do sessions via the internet or over the phone.


Pour avoir un avant gout  de L’APPROCHE DIAMANT et de la methode  inquiry… Vous pouvez prendre rendez-vous pour une mini-session D’INTRODUCTION de 20 minutes avec un enseignant canadien certifié … cela est seulement disponible pour les personnes nouvelles à  l’approche diamant, qui n’ont jamais fait de session avec un enseignant de l’approche.

Les enseignants(es) canadiens(nes)

Diamond Approach teachers are highly-trained practitioners with extensive seminary training, supervision, and continuing education. Their unique understanding of the development of the personal in a realized life is honed over years. Having learned to discriminate implicit aspects of Being as recognizable forms of consciousness and embodiment, they skillfully communicate how this contributes to, and informs, the human experience. Diamond Approach teachers guide students in personal inquiry based on open-ended, embodied engagement with their immediate experience, supported by a cultivated sense of presence.    
For almost 20 years, Shah, Padma and Eme have been studying directly with the two founders of the DA (Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson), and are delighted to share this teaching in Canada, the country where they were born.

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Shah Luc Allard
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Padma Roy
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