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The Teaching

Spiritual Reality

reality is seen to have many qualities important for us as human beings.

These aspects

of our nature include love, compassion, will, peace, strength, joy, and clarity.

Each aspect has a unique flavor and particular function for the human soul and the realization of its ground. This ground includes boundless love, universal consciousness, transparent awareness, profound emptiness, nonlocal truth—unities of many kinds.


penetrating clarity, the teaching articulates how these natural qualities have become obscured and how they can open and emerge into our lives. Recognizing and integrating our inner qualities is understood as an organic maturation toward fruition of our humanity and awakening of the transcendent—a process of both liberation and endless discovery and development.


The Spiritual Path
is a Love Affair.

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Spiritual Aspiration

Throughout human history, our deepest, timeless spiritual longing has been the desire to know the depth of Reality, whether we call it God, Truth, or Enlightenment. In modern times we long for freedom and personal fulfillment as well as the capacity to live our lives fully in an authentic way. The Diamond Approach aligns with both our timeless desires and those that are unique to our own time.

This path directly addresses the apparent contradictions that so many spiritual practitioners struggle with—between ego and Transcendence, between our unique individuality and the Oneness of all existence, and between the material and the spiritual.

The Diamond Approach is based on the understanding that ego development is not only normal, it is an inevitable compensation for the loss of contact with our fundamental Being, our True Nature.

The Diamond Approach was developed by A. H. Almaas and is offered in groups throughout the world. For more information, see the Ridhwan School website at www.diamondapproach.org de l’école Ridhwan.

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