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In the Diamond Approach, everything we experience is utilized as a doorway to our spiritual nature. Rather than negating or seeking to transcend parts of our humanness that are considered barriers to realization, we learn to approach each aspect of our physical, emotional, and mental experience with acceptance and open curiosity to discover its truth. We begin with meditations and body sensing practices that invite deeper, more immediate contact with present experience. As we relax into the direct, felt sense of what’s happening in our body, emotions, and thoughts, without judgment or goal, we become more present to our inner world.

The Inquiry

Our central practice of inquiry engages and explores our inner world such that each experience deepens and reveals its meaning. Over time, our experience is increasingly informed by innate qualities of our Being—love, joy, strength, will, compassion, and peace, among others—that have been hidden by unconscious beliefs and attitudes.

Along with verbal exploration, we use movement practices and breath work to engage the wisdom of the body in inquiry. Diamond Approach teachings are offered in an organic, deepening sequence for us to explore personally with others in groups. We learn from each other in these settings and are supported by the witnessing of fellow students.

The openness of this approach invites us to contact our own inner guidance—to discover and fulfill our potential in our own unique timing and way.

Exemple d’Inquiry

you might be Feeling worthless, unworthy. Many of us, find ourselves in our life, worthless, unworthy, we try to do something that make us feel worthed… We try to accomplish things, we try to right books or be successful in one thing or another or have somebody love us, so we can have a sense of worth. In this inquiry, instead of helping you to get thing that would make you worthy. We will ask you, would you please feel what it is like to feel worthless.

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That is where we start, you are feeling worthless; let’s start there. So you let yourself feel worthless. If you really let yourself feel worthless, you might find out that the worthless is a difficult emotion, difficult space, difficult feeling; that is what I mean by muck; it is like difficult, painful. And if you stay with it, it would bring history, your childhood, from other time, when you were put down or you failed.

And all of that are welcomed in this practice. And if we are really get into it, one thing we find out, is that, if you stay with the worthlessness, at some point you feel there is an absent of worth. It is not I am worthless, there is something that is missing here; what is missing here is a sense of worth. And if you stay with that, you might be able to feel some kind of a gap, some kind of an emptiness, which some of us already feel sometime, empty, meaningless, worthless. But if you really stay with that emptiness, still, because inquiry is a practice of always staying with it, whatever it is. if you stay with the worthlessness, and you feel it as some kind of emptiness, and this emptiness, nothing there, but it has a sense of deficiency and we learn to make peace with that, because we really want to find out what is its truth.

Because this practice is base of really wanting to know the truth. If you stay with this emptiness of worth, you might be surprised that the heart can become the fountain, a fountain of amber nectar, that overflows and fills the heart, fill the consciousness, not only with something sweet, almost like an eteable wonderful dessert, but when you feel it, you feel it like; I am not just worthy, I feel, I am worth itself. you begin to recognize your spirit as pure value; not that I am valuable or that what I have done is valuable or my life is valuable, no I am value itself, I am what gives things value.

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