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« As long as you say: 'I want it another way', you are going to suffer.»
A H Almass
« The ego is not the bad guy. By entering through the conditioned self, the ego, without rejecting it, we find what is real that is underlying it. It’s a very compassionate path.»
Tejo Jourdan, enseignant Approche Diamant
« The mind can discriminate and know, but it is the heart that ascertains whether it is the truth.»
A H Almass

DAOM is a newly formed group that is an ongoing exploration of the spiritual path created in California by Hameed Ali and Karen Johnson. It is an ongoing process where the group meet 4 times a year in the area of Ottawa. For now, during the pandemic, we are meeting online. This group is open to new students and is being led by Milia Ahu, Rob Merkx and Lisa Barrett and assisted by Eme Lecavalier, Padma Roy and Shah Allard. All of them have been long time students of Ridhwan school and are ordained teachers.

Throughout human history, our deepest, timeless spiritual longing has been the desire to know the depth of Reality, whether we call it God, Truth, or Enlightenment. In modern times we long for freedom and personal fulfillment as well as the capacity to live our lives fully in an authentic way. The Diamond Approach aligns with both our timeless desires and those that are unique to our own time.

This path directly addresses the apparent contradictions that so many spiritual practitioners struggle with—between ego and Transcendence, between our unique individuality and the Oneness of all existence, and between the material and the spiritual.

The Diamond Approach is based on the understanding that ego development is not only normal, it is an inevitable compensation for the loss of contact with our fundamental Being, our True Nature.

Introduction to Diamond Approach


Student : welcoming everything that emerge in my experience and being curious about it, this is the call ofDiamond Approach. A conditioning, a pattern or a difficult emotion that is rising to the surface is a portal on something deeper; it is a vein to fallow, everyday life becomes a quest towards the unknown. What is phenomenal is that I have nothing to change. I start exactly where I am. I learn to follow my own guidance and intuition to navigate this adventure, without any goal other than be more intimate with what is happening in the moment. Without rejecting my experience or trying to attach myself to what I like. I am not looking to be different anymore or to be better or more awaken. Instead of bullying myself endlessly, I become my own parent, the one I always wanted: supportive, welcoming and warm.


The Joy of Discovery

Online Group Retreat

April 14 - 18, 2021

Lisa Barrett & Milia Ahu

In this April 2021 retreat we will be working with the Yellow Essence, which includes the qualities of Spontaneity, Playful Curiosity, and the Joy of Discovery as we come in contact with our hearts desire.
The Ground of Being

Online Practice Days

March 20, April 24, May 15, June 12 and July 10, 2021

Lisa Barrett & Milia Ahu

The Diamond Approach Ottawa Montreal community invites you to participate in our monthly online practice days which include meditation, body awareness and self-inquiry.
The Unfolding Now

Book Study Group

Fall 2021

Eme Le Cavalier, Padma Roy and Shah Allard

Please join us for a book study group on « The Unfolding Now » by A.H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), founder of the Diamond Approach.
Free Mini-Session

Appointments only

20 minute INTRODUCTORY mini-session with a certified Canadian teacher from Central California.
Individual Session

With a Certified Canadian Teacher

Padma Sylvie Roy, Eme Lecavalier and Shah Luc Allard

New Book of A. H. Almaas

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